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The silence of the bells

First printing and limited edition of an art Book for children from the ages 7 to 97.
A finely crafted work, outstanding in its originality and its rare beauty.
The narration of The silence of the Bells unfolds and casts its spell through a rare use of imagination conveyed by the extraordinary work of Thierry Bosquet and Stephen Shank.
A treasure to be entrusted to future generations.

  • 500 copies in two languages, French and English.
  • Each copy numbered and signed.
  • The artists presided over the selection of the photoengravings and of the printing to guarantee a faithful representation of the original work.
  • Printing, cutting, shaping and boxing were carried out by Impresor-Ariane, Brussels.
  • Format of the book and illustrations : 340 mm x 490 mm.
  • Premium quality paper and boards by Antalis.
  • Cloth case manufactured to size.
  • Pre-order special price: 255 €. Bookstore price : 285 €.

The first edition was printed in Brussels, august 2013

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