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« How fortunate those books for which we sense that, behind the agitation, yeah the frenzy, which may sometimes inhabit them, they were written from start to finish like gold dust and like the beaming and heartached peace of a late summer’s day. »

Julien Gracq - En lisant, en écrivant

A publisher lends a hand in giving birth. Ideally a publisher lends a hand in living. Such is my view of Publishing, and particularly so for The Silence of the Bells.

We took our time with the meandering walk, the searching, the experimenting, yet all good things come to those who wait.

It was a long-term job, yet an undertaking so full of pleasure done in friendship, trust and respect, all values that I hold in high esteem.

We will never be able to say enough how splendid this creation is, and as such it deserved an exceptional edition, high quality papers, near format gouaches, and an infinite respect for detail and color.

Thank you to all those who supported the book, near or far.

Denis Leddet, Publisher

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